Guild Workshop with June Jaeger

The Tri-Cities Quilters' Guild schedules workshops several times a year by nationally-known quilt artists and local teachers for the education and enjoyment of its members. Every effort is made to provide the opportunity to learn a variety of techniques skills at a reasonable cost.

Early Registration Policy

Early registration for TCQG workshops is limited to members of the Tri-City Quilters' Guild and of the South-Eastern Washington Quilters (SEW-Q).  As workshops sell out quickly, Guild members are encouraged to register promptly.

Two months prior to the scheduled starting date of the workshop(s),registration will open to non-members. At that time, if space is available, non-members are welcome sign up for workshops.

Workshop Registration Reminders

There are a few housekeeping items to review about registering for workshops. Workshop registration forms can be found in the newsletter, on each Workshop web page, and through the link below.

  • Fill out the form completely and legibly.
  • Include your email address, if you have one, as email is the primary way workshop information, supply lists and other class data is distributed.
  • Include the bottom of the form with your check so that it is clear which class you are signing up for. It is recommended you keep the top half of the registration for reference.
  • Include your check with the registration form. You are not registered for a class until a deposit is received. Spaces will not be held without a deposit.
  • The balance owed on a workshop should be paid by the date indicated. If there are still openings after this date, the entire amount must be paid.

Ann Shaw's Flowers of the Gorge Workshop

Flowers of the Gorge

Join Ann Shaw and fellow TCQG members as we explore Ann's "Flowers of the Gorge" pattern series with a full-day quilting workshop to be held October 16, 2018.

This series of patterns celebrates the remarkable array of wild flowers found in the Columbia River Gorge and surrounding hills of the Cascade Mountains.  

Students will choose one of Ann’s patterns and take patchwork a step further through the use of unexpected fabric choices.  

Ann Shaw DragonFly Workshop Slated for October

Ann Shaw Dragonfly quilt pattern

Celebrate dragonflies--and supercharge machine piecing skills--with a two-day workshop from noted quilt artist, Ann Shaw.  To be held October 13 and 14, from 9AM to 4PM, this workshop dives into Ann's Dragonfly pattern.

Dragonflies are found throughout the world, and in some cultures symbolize power and poise. This Artisan dragonfly pattern features this insect’s beautiful iridescent wing colors.

Over two days, you'll work with the pattern designer to craft your masterpiece, building skills along the way.  

Scrappy Lone Star Workshop with Colleen Blackwood

Two + 2 Scrappy Lone Star Quilt by Colleen Blackwood

Quilt artist Colleen Blackwood is a beloved, in-demand quilting instructor in the Pacific Northwest, with a strong presence at the Sisters' Outdoor Quilt Show.

Selected as National Featured Artist for the TCQG 2019 Quilt Show, Colleen will join Guild members for a hands-on workshop to be held September 14-15, 2018.

Colleen's 2 + Two Scrappy Lone Star Quilt is designed to use jelly rolls (precut 2 1/2" strips) to create a unique and wonderful quilt.

Over two days, you'll turn 2 jelly rolls and 2 yards of coordinating fabric into a unique scrappy Lone Star quilt.  Finished quilt size is 78"x78"